Magazine Name: The Monarch Review
Editor: Nick Koveshnikov
Mailing Address: ?
Circulation: ?
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time 2 weeks
Publishes: Monthly
Year Founded: 2010
Online Submissions? Yes
Information about your publication: The Monarch Review is a publication dedicated to sustaining a literary tradition both curious and amenable to the necessary adaptations of creative lives lived in a world of increasingly rapid technological advancement. Only within an understanding of tradition as existing in a state of perpetual change can it be sustained.
What type of submissions you are looking for: Poetry The Monarch Review will publish poetry that displays the inherent human conflict: poetry of faith and doubt; poetry that knows death but is not dead; poetry that elucidates hope in hard-fought experience; poetry of the joy and of the reprieve; poetry that wears torn jeans and a work shirt, and yet can tie a tie; poetry that endures; poetry that laughs and cries, poetry that hits those notes of the song we can almost recall. Fiction The Monarch Review seeks fiction submissions that tell a moving story; a lingering story; a story that tells us about the unique other and yet reminds us of our feeble self; a story that is poetic and accessible; a story that evokes a sense of beautiful and an appreciation of inescapable ugliness; a story that sings. We are looking to publish any piece that is compelling for these reasons or not. Stories may not exceed 4,000 words. Essays The Monarch Review publishes non-fiction pieces up to 4,000 words, including, but not limited to, memoirs, personal essays and literary criticism. Special consideration is made for shorter works, 500 to 1,500 words, that focus on issues relating to the cultural impact of recent technological advancements. For example, a reading of a recent Microsoft advertisement that claims we need ?a phone that will save us from our phones? might be interesting. Visual Art The Monarch Review strives to publish contemporary visual art that is relevant to Seattle?s arts community. Such community is comprised of the self-proclaimed artists, the closeted artistic enthusiast, the brilliant homeless, and the social media overloaded student. More simply put, if you make please submit. We ask that all submissions be in JPG, MOV or MP4 file format with a maximum file size of 40MB. In the Cover Letter field please include an artist statement that is relevant to the submitted work, your CV/Resume and the title, date, medium and applicable dimensions/duration of each piece. Keep in mind that JPGs should be 300 dpi with the longest side being no greater than 3,000 pixels. Music The Monarch Review will look to publish music that fills the listener with eager curiosity; music that pushes one to dance either slow or fast or in some new, never-tested speed; music that you can shed a tear to and yet immediately after let a laugh out; music that inspires the listener to want to write better music. Please submit your audio work in the formats described above. If accepted, we would love to interview you to provide some narrative while featuring your work.
Information on Contests: ?
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