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The Rag is an electronic literary magazine that focuses on grittier forms of contemporary short fiction. We publish in ePub, Kindle, and PDF formats, aiming for the e-reader/tablet market. Our mission is to seek out powerful new literary voices and bring them to light. We see electronic publishing as an opportunity to turn back time to an era of affordable distribution and open competition, which allows us to reach a broader audience and inject new life into the literary market. We also believe it’s important that authors be duly compensated for their work. We’ve published 6 issues to date and we guarantee our contributing writers the pro rate ($0.05/word) as a minimum payment standard. We believe maintaining this payment standard provides us access to competitive and engaging material, which enables us to consistently provide our readers with truly compelling literature. We accept submissions electronically via Submittable or through the regular mail. See for more info.


We focus on the gritty, transgressive side of contemporary fiction. We like subtle themes, clear and concise writing, twisted humor and original characters.


The Rag’s Semi-Annual Fiction Contest: The winner of the contest will be awarded $500. The winning piece will featured as the leading story in The Rag’s upcoming issue, will be posted on The Rag’s blog page, and available for free to the public as a downloadable PDF, ePub and Kindle file, which will be featured on The Rag’s website, blog page and all social media pages. All submitters to the fiction contest also receive a free current issue of The Rag, a $5 value. See for more info.


Editors Name Dan Reilly
Print publication? No
Circulation 2,000 yearly average
Do you take online submissions? Yes
Submission Guidelines URL
Approx. Response Time? 30 days
How often do you publish? biannual
Year Founded? 2011
Do you pay? Yes


Twitter @raglitmag
Mailing Address:
The Rag
PO Box 17463
Portland, OR 97217

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