Magazine Name: The Speculative Edge
Editors Name: Shane R Collins
Print publication?: Yes
Mailing Address:: ?
Circulation: 200 Per Month
Submission Guidelines URL:
Approx. Response Time?: 1-2 Weeks
How often do you publish?: Monthly
Year Founded?: 2012
Do you take online submissions?: Yes
Information about your publication: At The Speculative Edge, our mission is – in a word – balance. We want to bring you fiction that is both exciting and enlightening, poetry that is imaginative and accessible, reviews of both big-name and independent books and movies. We’ll give you insightful interviews with New York Times bestsellers and lesser-known authors. Above all else, we want to publish work that is both genre and literary.
What type of submissions are you looking for?: We are looking for a wide variety of submissions. Each issue we publish short stories, poems, book and movie reviews and essays.
Tell us about upcoming events or contests: We have several themed issues coming up, including an apocalyptic issue, a speculative romance issue, and a mainstream literary issue. We are also looking for submissions to our first annual Winter Poetry Contest.