Magazine Name: The Zodiac Review
Editor: Daniel VanTassel
Mailing Address:
Submission Guidelines:
Approximate Response Time acknowledges receipt immediately;? responds within 3 weeks,often sooner
Publishes: quarterly
Year Founded: 2011
Online Submissions? Yes
Information about your publication: The Zodiac Review is a quarterly literary magazine for discerning readers and writers of fine short fiction. Here you will find stories of flash fiction and short story length, each selected quarterly from submissions that cross the old lines separating literary fiction from genre fiction. And here you will find prose poetry, another form of literature that crosses boundaries to tell its stories. Among the many themes and sub-themes you may find in stories here are fate vs. free will, cosmic irony, and some of the many fascinating ways in which astrology is understood by the characters who populate the stories…subjects that expose the inscrutability of the universe and the poignancy of the human condition.
What type of submissions you are looking for: The Zodiac Review welcomes unpublished stories from a whole panoply of genres, including slice-of-life, psychological, dark humor, thriller/suspense, mystery, fictionalized memoir, historical fiction, light sci-fi and light fantasy, provided that those stories include decidedly strong elements of literary fiction. And literary fiction is welcome when a bit of genre spice is added for good measure. Genres that are not named above are a bit lower on our preference list, but please submit what you feel good about, and make a case for it in a short cover letter. Our Short Fiction We publish a good mix of unpublished stories from among the following length categories:??? * flash fiction?from about 100 to about 1,000 words??? * short story? from about 1,000 to about 7,500 words??? * novel excerpt? from about 1,000 to about 3,000 words??? * prose poetry in the flash fiction range Elements of Literary Fiction We are especially eager to publish pieces that include some of the following key elements of literary fiction. * Character-driven as much as or more than plot-driven? writing * Largely unpredictable content and theme * Distinctive or idiosyncratic prose style * Creative word usage * Literary devices including metaphor, analogy, allegory, imagery, irony * Subtle, subliminal or multiple meanings and sub-themes * An indeterminate or unresolved ending
Information on Contests: Short Story Contests The Zodiac Review offers writers four opportunities each year to compete for a Zodiac Short Story Prize. Contests for flash fiction and prose poetry may be added in the future, but for now, please submit only short stories (1,000?to 7,500 word range) for our contests. Winning entries for the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Prizes are published in the respective quarterly magazines. Current Deadline:? November 30, 2011Awards First Place: * Publication in the quarter’s issue * Considered for Pushcart Prize nomination Runner Up: * Publication in the quarter’s or a subsequent quarter’s issue Up to 5 Finalists: * Author/story recognized in the quarter’s issue * Considered for publication in the respective or a subsequent issue
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