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Vending Machine Press


From the Editor

Vending Machine Press is a new and independent literary journal aimed at giving writers an avenue for their writing to reach a wider audience. We publish every other month and every issue we publish the finest flash fiction and poems from around the world.

It’s extremely hard being a writer, constantly dealing with rejection and the constant self doubts so VMP tries to provide a place where a writer can submit their work and hopefully be part of the history of the journal in some meaningful way.


I publish poetry and flash fiction only. There is no theme write whatever you like. It could be about the love of your life or about wandering around drunk in Wal-Mart at one in the morning, whatever it is make sure it is your best work. I do tend to like stories that deal with the trials and tribulations of ordinary everyday people, whether that be in a contemporary context, sci-fi, slipstream or cross-genre.


Sometime in the near future the authors who have been published are going to be invited to an event in a bar to be named closer to the date where we can all get together and talk about writing and get to know each other and get drunk.


Editors Name Michael Lafontaine
Print publication? No
Circulation 10-15000 an issue
Do you take online submissions? Yes
Submission Guidelines URL
Approx. Response Time? between two days and two weeks
How often do you publish? every two months
Year Founded? 2013
Do you pay? unfortunately not at this stage, but looking for that to change in the future.


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