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Window Cat Press


From the Editor

In an age of instant connection across continents, we’ve come full circle– like the ancient Egyptians, we live in a society that once more worships cats.

Here, we encourage innovation. Play with form! Celebrate the ways our lives intertwine via the Internet, and bring the fun back to creative expression. We believe that specificity allows us to extend our reach and touch what is universal.

Free to submit to and access, Window Cat Press offers a place for emerging artists to share quality work as diverse as our audience. We publish a variety of media: cross-genre, collaborations, slam, etc. in addition to more traditional and widely-accepted forms. Our tastes are omnivorous, so surprise us!

Meme-like, we seek to celebrate, inspire, innovate, and play. Together, let’s build a global community that lends support and visibility to the lesser-known voices of our generation.


All content must be previously unpublished.

Poetry, Slam Poetry, Spoken Word, Found Poetry—two pages or less per poem; any genre or topic welcome; 3-5 poems.

Prose, Fiction, Flash-Fiction, Prosetry—less than 2,000 words.

Creative and Narrative Non-Fiction—less than 2,000 words

Plays, Dramatic Works, Scripts—no more than 7 pages

Photography/Visual Art—any two dimensional medium is welcome; each piece must be less than 10MB and in JPEG format.

Mixed-Media, Multi-Genre—do you write narrative lyrics or satirical sketches? sew poetic quilts? show us! no more than 7 pages.

Collaboration Pieces—multi-author/artists pieces accepted with clear recognition and contact info for all participating artists.

Translation— please obtain permission from the author before submitting, and send with a copy of the original text.


Submissions are now open for the Winter 2016 issue; they close on 12/15/16.


Editors Name Kim Dela Cruz, Emily Jaeger
Print publication? No
Do you take online submissions? No
Submission Guidelines URL
Approx. Response Time? 2-3 months
How often do you publish? Twice a year
Year Founded? 2014
Do you pay? No


Mailing Address:

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