Magazine Name: Wordsmiths Online
Twitter: soon
Facebook: soon
Editors Name: Harald Holczeer
Print publication?: No
Mailing Address:: None really, just email
Circulation: Who knows.
Submission Guidelines URL: None
Approx. Response Time?: SAP
How often do you publish?: Website under constant review
Year Founded?: October 2012
Do you take online submissions?: Yes
Information about your publication: From the website. Hello. My name is Harald Holczer and I am the builder of this website. I started this website for several reasons. One was to publish my own words and expose them to the world or should I say inflict them on the world. Then, while I was building the site, I thought, why not expand it and invite others to join me? After all, we are all writers at heart or at the very least story tellers. Finally, in my own small way, I built this website to help defend our freedom of speech which is daily being eroded by our complacency and desire for peace and harmony. So do come in, enjoy, participate, but most of all have some fun!
What type of submissions are you looking for?: Any thing.
Tell us about upcoming events or contests: ?