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Here are some stories and poems from Every Writer. Much of our stories and poems will be moving here in the future.

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Requiem for Chopin

Elaine was lucky for two reasons. She had flood insurance and she had somewhere to go.Her new life, far away from the dire-faced officials on the Public Access channel was finally coming into focus after the two-hour layover in Chicago. Keep Reading

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Poem: Among the Most Primitive of Mammals

B.J. Wilson is from Louisville, Kentucky. He holds an MFA from the Bluegrass Writers Studio at Eastern Kentucky University, a writing fellowship from The Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences, and a Pushcart Prize Nomination for poetry. His poems appear in Exit 7, Gravel, New Madrid, Tar River Poetry, Valley Voices and elsewhere. His first chapbook of poems, Tuckasee, Keep Reading

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I never thought much about the afterlife. Until now. I can’t move, breathe, speak or hear and it is so dark all the time. If I knew it would be this lonely, I would have been cremated instead. Chuckling softly at the irony of it all, I pick at the maggots wriggling on my forehead.… Keep Reading

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Poem: Dreams of Aberdeen

Anita Markoff is in her final months of an MA in English Literature -Film and Visual Culture at the University of Aberdeen. She has been published in 'Spilt Milk' magazine, with work forthcoming in 'Meanwhile' and 'Reanalogue'. Femme but not fatale, she spends her time tending to her plants and daydreaming about women's fiction. Keep Reading

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Poem: Templates for the Long Married

Claire Scott is an award winning poet who has received multiple Pushcart Prize nominations. Her work has been accepted by the Atlanta Review, Bellevue Literary Review, New Ohio Review, Enizagam and Healing Muse among others. Claire is the author of Waiting to be Called and Until I Couldn’t. She is the co-author of Unfolding in Light: A Sisters’ Journey in Photography and Poetry. Keep Reading

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A thief came out of the shadows, dressed in all black and wearing a balaclava and held a pistol at Darren Tanian. “Money!” He shouted. “Ain’t a thang.” Darren sang. He took a drag from his black quellazaire and exhaled a thin, grayish vapor. “Money!” The thief repeated. “Where?” Darren asked. The thief cocked the… Keep Reading

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Poem: Without Words

David Dephy – born June 21st, 1968. The trilingual Georgian/American poet, novelist, essayist, performer, multimedia artist and painter. An active participant in the American and international poetry and artistic scenes, such as PEN World Voice Keep Reading

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Poem: Jazz Me

Jazz Me by Theodore Eisenberg In a crowded hall bluesy and sexy, where trumpets roust the congregation, bluesy and sexy, where women’s working hips roust the congregation, scorch men silly, where women’s working hips blare and glare, scorch men silly, while tables tap oak feet, blare and glare, where chairs slide to seat, while tables… Keep Reading

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Story: Leopard Skin Van

When I was 27 I took a job driving a leopard skin van around the country promoting Kraft Cheese to college students. I’d show up to some university quad in a uniform consisting of whatever I was wearing that day plus gloves decorated like paws, a visor cap with a foam leopard’s head, and these… Keep Reading

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Poem: Beach in Lebanon— A Man, A Woman—

B.T. Joy is a British poet and short fiction writer living in Glasgow. His poetry and short fiction has appeared in magazines, journals, anthologies and podcasts worldwide including poetry in Yuan Yang, The Meadow, Toasted Cheese, Numinous: Spiritual Poetry, Presence, Paper Wasp, Bottle Rockets, Mu, Frogpond and The Newtowner, among many others. His 2015 collection Teaching Neruda... Keep Reading

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Poem: Cantaloupes and Bananas by Heather Terry

am an English teacher, writer, photographer, gardener and devoted dog owner! I also enjoy sewing, archery and kayaking. It is my goal to build a writing career while continuing my work as an educator. I am also pursuing my Master of Arts in English at Kent State University and will graduate December 2015. Keep Reading

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Trick or Treat by Niles Reddick

We might’ve bought a mask at Woolworth’s twice in our trick or treating history, but mostly our costumes were either homemade, hand me downs, or thrown together from things around the house. Old bedsheets became ghosts, mama’s scarves were pirate’s bandanas, and her mascara became markings under eyes for solider or football characters. Keep Reading

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Poem: The Code by Ann Bracken

Ann Bracken is the author of two collections of poetry, No Barking in the Hallways: Poems from the Classroom (2017) and The Altar of Innocence (2015), She also serves as a contributing editor for Little Patuxent Review and coordinator for the Wilde Readings Poetry Series in Columbia, MD. Keep Reading

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