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SCREAM is Britain's all new premier Horror Magazine. SCREAM is your best source for horror movies, news, reviews, previews, celebrity interviews, books, games, film festival reports, comics and pretty much everything else you can think of in the world of horror. The magazine is published bi-monthly and available at ...

Underground Voices

Underground Voices2010-12-16T19:56:46+00:00
Underground Voices is an online and print literary magazine that publishes fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry, and art. We are online monthly and have an annual print edition. We pay $30 per fiction submission (as of now, poetry submissions are unpaid).

O Sweet Flowery Roses

O Sweet Flowery Roses2010-12-14T19:39:03+00:00
O Sweet Flowery Roses is looking for unique poetry in absolutely any form. We especially like new(er) poets, first-time authors, experimental, or fringier stuff from established writers (think poetry B-Sides), avant-garde, and poems that do new and creative things with language, image, and concept.

Vinyl Poetry

Vinyl Poetry2014-06-16T10:28:21+00:00
Vinyl is a place for us to celebrate the work of artists who help us feel better about the day. Vinyl is about words that turn us on. Founded in 2010 by Gregory Sherl and Sullivan, the journal has attracted over 2000 readers across 51 countries with its ...

Hudson View Poetry Ditest

Hudson View Poetry Ditest2010-12-08T19:05:35+00:00
No previously published poetry is accepted. Any length poetry and prose is considered. No poetry with obvious rhyme. All genres considered as long as texts are intelligent and well written and send a powerful message to our readers. We strive to provide reader involvement and want our readers to ...

The Quotable

The Quotable2010-12-03T19:04:21+00:00
The Quotable is a new quarterly literary magazine showcasing tomorrow's quote-worthy authors. Each issue will appear online and in print and feature short stories and artwork based on a specific theme and quote.

Sparkbright magazine

Sparkbright magazine2010-12-02T17:13:08+00:00
Sparkbright magazine aims to showcase new and upcoming writers alongside more established talent. It publishes every six months in December and June, taking email submissions on a rolling basis. It publishes poetry and short fiction, and each issue is available as a free PDF from the website.

Bumble Jacket Miscellany: a miscellany for poetry and fiction

Bumble Jacket Miscellany: a miscellany for poetry and fiction2011-10-12T15:49:00+00:00
Bumble Jacket Miscellany is an independent print literary magazine and has been created with the purpose of publishing the best poetry and short fiction, regardless of style, genre, or approach. While we do feature talented and sometimes well know writers, we also pride ourselves on selecting writing based on ...


DIABOLIQUE is the new magazine that explores Gothic horror in film, literature, history and art, to push our understanding of the genre. Diabolique Magazine, (published bimonthly),


RED OCHRE LiT2010-11-24T22:09:43+00:00
Red Ochre LiT strives to publish premier, contemporary literature. We are interested in poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and short, five poem chapbooks. While our primary goal is to showcase the work of experienced authors, we feature up to three emerging writers in each issue as well. To help give this ...

Otis Nebula

Otis Nebula2010-11-21T13:10:12+00:00
Otis Nebula is a publishing project operated by working writers dedicated to serving living word, sound, and image to which commercial concerns are always subordinate. Otis Nebula, the zine, appears online semi-annually. In addition, Otis Nebula Literary Syndicate publishes one paper and ink book of poetry or fiction per ...