Magazine Name: Birdfeast
Editors Name: Jessica Poli
Print publication?: No
Mailing Address:: ?
Circulation: ?
Submission Guidelines URL: ?
Approx. Response Time?: ?
How often do you publish?: Quarterly
Year Founded?: 2011
Do you take online submissions?: Yes
Information about your publication: Birdfeast was imagined and created on Thanksgiving 2011. It runs quarterly with a feast of 10-20 poems each issue. Birdfeast welcomes all forms and styles of poetry, and publishes authors regardless of whether they have previously been published. We aim for an eclectic mix of authors and poems in each issue (think of how you might see a dessert pudding sitting comfortably by a roast turkey on your Thanksgiving table).
What type of submissions are you looking for?: We want your loudest pieces, and your quietest ones. Your strangest and your most gentle. Take a look at our past issues to get a feel for what we enjoy. More than anything, we want anything you’d like us to read.
Tell us about upcoming events or contests: