The Sleep Aquarium

The Sleep Aquarium


From the Editor

The Sleep Aquarium aims to explore the relationship between night dreams and creativity. Though prose and visual art are its predominant constituents, this relationship is the essence of the project. Highly-published and never-published writers and artists equally welcome — we’re interested in passionate, honest and well-crafted work, not experience or professionalism.


The Sleep Aquarium focuses on fictional prose (500-5000 words) and visual art, however other forms (including non-fiction) are welcome.

We want your strangest, bleakest, most beautiful, intense, detailed, philosophical, varicoloured dreams. “Dream-based” does not require that every segment of composition is a direct rendition of one specific dream: pieces may be fusions of multiple dreams, or stemming from a single image or concept and dealing with science, history, politics, humanness, et-cetera. The beauty of utilising dream-material for creative works is that it is automatically highly individualised and highly original, and usually possessing an uncommonly powerful atmosphere. We are looking only for this utilisation.

No genre is favoured over another – pure surreality and illogicality are as gladly received as subtle, rationally-organised narratives; romance is as gladly received as horror or science-fiction. The project aims to build a compilation of disparate, unusual pieces from as wide a range as possible of artists and writers.


We are currently accepting submissions for our inaugural issue.


Editors Name A. Emmanuelle
Print publication? No
Do you take online submissions? Yes
Submission Guidelines URL
Approx. Response Time? Less than 1 week
How often do you publish?
Year Founded? 2016
Do you pay? No


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