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Since December 2014, Funny In Five Hundred has asked writers to create funny stories in five hundred words or less. Submit your work on the submission page, and if accepted, we’ll help you get the word out about your story, books, website, social media, or whatever else you’re trying to tell the world.

Why submit? Because it’s fun! And it’s an easy way to get some publicity for whatever you’re working on. But more importantly, to tell the world that literature, like life, doesn’t have to be so serious.

If you’ve ever read Mark Twain, John Kennedy Toole, Christopher Moore or Douglas Adams, and thought, “This is funny, but why does it matter,” then Funny In Five Hundred may not be for you. Much of great literature searches for the ultimate truths. Funny In Five Hundred seeks to complicate those truths by laughing at it. No, Funny In Five Hundred isn’t about cheap one-liners. We tend to publish stories that begin with a humorous plot and contain a few punchlines, but we are always looking for a piece that makes us laugh at something in a unique way.

We typically publish two stories per week, and will publish accepted stories on our Facebook, Twitter, and email newsletter. Once a year, we create an e-book of our favorite works. This e-book is available for free, and is available only online.

Funny In Five Hundred is based in the Washington, D.C., area. We only accept fiction: no poetry, memoir, or nonfiction please.


We’re looking for a story (beginning-middle-end). What makes more sense for this website is to begin with a humorous plot, and run with it for a few hundred words. Although we love plot driven humor, literary-style of writing is great if it provides the laughs. For our sake, remember it’s at most 500 words (give or take).

Need an example? There’s a short story called “Just Outside The Closet,” and the plot is basically that Prince Charming has a foot fetish. For obvious reasons, this complicates his relationship with Cinderella. Funny, right? We think so. Humorous things happen along the way, but the story has a beginning-middle-end as well. Please don’t think about these stories as a series of quick-jokes or one-liners.

All work must be original, and unpublished. We don’t have the time for copyright permissions, so please do not quote copyrighted material (like songs written after 1920). No attacking public figures, groups of people, no fan fiction, or anything that we think would get this website in too much trouble. Edgy fiction is great, within reason.


Editors Name David Gregory
Print publication? No
Circulation 1000
Do you take online submissions? Yes
Submission Guidelines URL
Approx. Response Time? Two weeks
How often do you publish? Two articles per week. One publication per year.
Year Founded? 2014
Do you pay? No


Mailing Address:
PO Box 1757
Ft. Myer, VA 22211

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  1. Any chance I could have 10 funny short stories to use as templates for our writing unit. I am teaching at Palmwoods in Queensland Australia

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