by John Perry

My mother loved to listen to the radio, it was her favorite thing to do. She would listen to one station in particular which was an oldies station that played music from her teenage years or at least that’s what she told me. But I figured out that station wasn’t what she said it was after what happened. One night while I was on my way home from locking up at work my car broke down so I called for a tow truck but they said they wouldn’t be able to get there till morning, I wasn’t about to walk a couple miles home in the dark so I called my mom to come pick me up. After waiting about 10-15 minutes I could see her car coming down the road toward me but the strange thing was I could hear static coming from the car and when she got to me she rolled down the window and said “hop in I wanna get home to watch my show” the static was even louder now but I just ignored it thinking it was my imagination, I got in and she started driving home.

We drove for about fifteen minutes with static still loud in my ears when I realized we just passed our road so I turned to my mom and told her “mom we just missed our turn” she said “I thought it would be nice to drive around for a bit before we got home” this was normal for my mom wanting to drive around a bit so I didn’t give it a second thought. We drove for a bit more and I swore the static got louder by the minute then I looked at the dash board and I saw that it was coming from the radio playing my mom’s station so I reached over about to shut it off when my mom grabbed my hand and pushed it back “ ow mom what was that for” I yelled to which she replied in a calm voice “sorry this is my favorite song” I looked at her like she was crazy and thought to myself “can she not hear the static” I reach over trying to turn the volume down but it only got louder, my mom started to drive faster “whoa mom slow down” she didn’t she just went faster. I tried to pull the emergency brake but she grabbed my hand and held it tight and drove faster and wouldn’t take her foot off the gas “mom stop what are you doing” she turned to me and laughed then spoke in a voice I can only describe as demonic “don’t worry sonny boy everything will be okay” I was in complete shock this thing was not my mom it was something else, she drove faster and wouldn’t let go of my hand, I looked forward only to see that she was driving full speed right toward a building. I started to wage my odds and I decided to try to get out of the car, I punched her in the face and broke free of her grasp I went to open the door but it was locked so I unlocked it and jumped out of the car landing on my side, with a shot of pain going up my arm I turned to see the car crash into the building and the car catch on fire. In the flames I could see her trying to get up but she couldn’t then I heard that maniacal laughter and then she died.

After a while the police and paramedics showed up. The two cops that showed up walked over to me astonished and asked “kid what happened here’ I looked up at him and told him “I was getting a ride home from my mom but during the ride she was acting odd and then she sped up and tried to kill us both I think she was on something” they looked at me and went to the crash. The paramedics came over and helped me up and over to the ambulance and started to check for any injuries apparently I broke my arm on the landing they asked me how fast the car was going when I jumped out “about maybe 110 MPH” they looked at me puzzled “how did you just break an arm I’m surprised you didn’t break your leg or other arm. They all bought the story and sent me to the hospital to further continue my treatment. After all of this all I can say is never turn your radio to that station because it takes you and leaves something in your place something evil.