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971 MENU

971 MENU2011-12-12T20:27:55+00:00
971 MENU is a purely online not-for-profit venture. We publish whenever we have enough work to justify an issue. That means five pieces. The minimum time between issues is thirty days, and attempts are made to coincide with the first of the month. We publish fiction and nonfiction of ...

Asylum Ink

Asylum Ink2014-06-16T10:36:46+00:00
The goal of Asylum Ink is to build greater awareness and traffic between the various contributors as well as create an easily digestible anthology for fans. If you are interested in participating, all contributions will be credited to their respective creators, a free ad and links will be provided ...

Bound Off

Bound Off2011-05-09T16:47:27+00:00
Bound Off is a monthly magazine of literary short stories, founded in 2006 and based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Our mission is to merge the oral tradition of storytelling with new technology to create a digital audio magazine. Bound Off is an independent, nonprofit organization committed to paying authors ...

Cave Scribbles

Cave Scribbles2010-11-21T13:12:50+00:00
We are dedicated to publishing poetry, flash fiction, and short fiction by new and established writers. We're fond of stories that illuminate the human condition as we search for meaning and passion in our lives. We publish a piece online every Monday, 52 weeks per year. We launched on ...

Cease, Cows

Cease, Cows2013-09-03T20:29:09+00:00
At Cease, Cows we want to explore the contemporary, the strange, the big questions. We want to feel cultural pulses, expose mental arteries, bathe in both the sanguine and sanguinary. We want to publish prose and poems with fire and truth. Humans may be animals,

Dairy River

Dairy River2011-09-17T17:17:00+00:00
Dairy River is an internet-only journal focusing on detritus, ephemera, minutia, and miscellany. We are particularly interested in the built environment, remnants of the industrial revolution, and the more obscure sociological aspects of our collective (musical) consciousness. TAKERY is a human-sized rabbit, raised by wolves in the Ardennes Forest, ...

Dark Eclipse

Dark Eclipse2012-02-23T16:55:30+00:00
Dark Eclipse is a monthly e-magazine from Dark Moon Books. It is a slimmer version of the quarterly print literary magazine, Dark Moon Digest. We specialize in horror of all forms and shapes, but particularly for adult audiences.

Devilfish Review

Devilfish Review2013-02-10T12:38:00+00:00
Devilfish Review was founded in 20011 by Cathy Lopez and Sarah McDonald. We tend to favor science fiction and fantasy over slice of life fiction.

Digital Americana

Digital Americana2010-02-23T20:32:06+00:00
Digital Americana Magazine is the first literary & culture magazine developed especially for the interactive tablet experience. Inside every issue are insightful articles, interviews, and of course, the best fiction. Featured extras include compelling short independent films, indie music, modern animation, comic illustration, and photography from talented artists around ...

EWR: Short Stories

EWR: Short Stories2012-01-29T10:05:27+00:00
We are a "new" publication. EWR: Short Stories started publishing in the fall. The publication is on Every Writer's a site that has been publishing for 6 years. It is one of the largest writer's websites in the world. It has over million unique visits per year. ...

Kudzu Review

Kudzu Review2014-06-26T06:20:59+00:00
Here at the Kudzu Review we look for savvy, sharp, well polished literature that captures life in a post-natural world. We publish work, bi-annually, that is outstanding, and motivated by concerns with man?s place in the world. This isn?t your grandmother?s moldy copy of Shelly poems; show us ...


LIT: Short for literature. But in our case, we're really talking only fiction, and very short fiction at that. Our tastes in lit cover forms, themes and subjects from all over the proverbial map, as it really boils down to one thing in the end: Is it a great ...