Apparent Magnitude

Apparent Magnitude will be a place where lovers of sci-fi and speculative fiction and poetry (AKA nerds, like me) can publish work which, while rooted in the musings of science and technology, transcend the common definitions of genre fiction. Have an experimental poem about a squirrel android? Perfect. A ...

Spark: A Creative Anthology

Our goal was to establish a high-quality, paying market where emerging authors and gain professional experience being published alongside known and respected writers.

The Cynic Online Magazine

We at the Cynic Online Magazine accept submissions in almost any genre with the major criteria that the work is original, well written, enjoyable and tolerant. We strive

The Rag

The Rag is a new electronic literary magazine specializing in the publication of short fiction, and is currently accepting poetry and manuscript submissions. Set to debut in fall, 2011 this publication focuses on the grittier genres that tend to fall by the wayside at more traditional literary magazines. The ...