Newly Deceased

by Ryan Brooks

First day of school and, like most kids, I was feeling very nervous. Trying to look unconcerned about all the people pointing and whispering at me, I made my way through the great gates, separating the school from the outside world. I knew I should not be feeling this anxious, after all, it is only a school and lots of these people might likely end up being my friends. Looking down at my timetable, I checked the classroom my first class was in, the room letters were ND. Not knowing where on earth classroom ND was I asked a person nearby if they could point me in the right direction. Kind of unhelpfully she did point but did not give any more detail. So heading the way she pointed and I eventually found the door with the two letters on it. Entering the classroom I found it completely empty save a person sitting at a desk at the front of 5 rows of chairs, I guessed he was the teacher. I waited nervously for a few long minutes with the teacher scraping away at a piece of paper with a quill. Eventually some other students filed in looking just as nervous as me and found their seats. We all waited glancing around anxiously and often giving quick glances at the teacher. All the while he was still scratching at his confounded piece of paper. I was starting to get quite angry when he looked up. Terror coursed through my body. His face was to gruesome to describe. All I can say is it was gory. He said two words, “Newly Deceased”.

I woke up drenched in sweat and jerking madly, a knife stuck in my chest, I gave my last shudder and I was again standing at the gates of the same foreboding school.