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Black Scat Books

Based in the Bay Area, Black Scat Books is an independent small publisher specializing in eccentric works by artists and writers in the U.S. and Europe. In addition to hardcover and paperback books, we issue limited edition chapbooks in our Absurdist Texts & Documents series. For those who insist on labels, we publish artist's books, Dada, Pataphysics, photography, satire, black humour, avant-garde & experimental fiction. In this deadly digital age with sales of printed books plummeting and independent booksellers biting the dust, our goal is to buck the trend and publish works shunned by an increasingly timid

Strategic Book Publishing (SBP)

Strategic Book Publishing (SBP)
"Strategic Book Publishing (SBP) is a member of the Strategic Book Group which has published over 1! 000 authors in the last 24 months in all genres, including children's books. The Strategic Book Group also includes Kindle and ebook Consulting, Writers Services, a Book-To-Film Division, and a global foreign rights department. Asked what Strategic does better than their competition, their CEO states, "Frankly, our book marketing division is better than anyone's.