Black Scat Books

Based in the Bay Area, Black Scat Books is an independent small publisher specializing in eccentric works by artists and writers in the and Europe. In addition to hardcover and paperback books, we issue limited edition chapbooks in our Absurdist Texts & Documents series. For those who insist ...

Sasquatch Books

“Sasquatch Books?publisher of books for and from the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and California?is the nation’s premier regional press. Founded in 1986, Sasquatch Books’ publishing program is a veritable celebration of regionally written words. Undeterred by political or geographical borders, Sasquatch defines its region as the magnificent area that stretches ...

Scarlet Tanager Books

From the founder: “A tremendous amount of writing, especially poetry and short fiction, is overlooked by publishers, large and small. You might wonder if maybe the publishers pass on this work because it is badly written, too complex for anyone but a literary scholar to understand, or concerns topics ...

Serpent?s Tail

“Serpent?s Tail is a renowned British independent book publisher of international fiction and non-fiction, owned by Profile Books Ltd. Now twenty years old, Serpent’s Tail was founded with a commitment to publishing voices neglected by the mainstream. Serpent?s Tail has a reputation for successfully publishing contemporary fiction (including debut ...

Seven Stories Press

“Seven Stories Press is an independent book publisher based in New York City, with distribution throughout the United States, Canada, England, Australia, and New #8221; A large publisher publishing in many areas. They do not accept unsolicited submissions.

Shambhala Publications

Shambhala Publications “At the height of the sixties counterculture, a distinctive publishing venture emerged as an outgrowth of Shambhala Booksellers, a metaphysical bookstore that two young friends, Sam Bercholz and Michael Fagan, had opened in Berkeley, California, the year #8221;

Signature Editions

“Signature Editions is a literary press with an eclectic list of quality fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama. Originally named Nuage Editions, the press was formed in Montreal in 1986 as a 16-person publishing collective. The first desktop publisher in Quebec, we put out two to four books a year ...

Small Beer Press

Small Beer Press publishes non-fiction, short stories, fiction, ebooks, and chapbooks. They take queries. They are also the publishers of Crank magazine. From their chapbook division: Since May of 2000, when we published Kelly Link’s Four Stories, our chapbook series has taken been dedicated to bringing attention to writers ...

Small Garlic Press

Small Garlic Press is a small press. Their Mission: ” Promote literary and educational life; give voice to the voiceless; guide and influence by exercising our taste and our take on hard work for #8221; They are a chapbook publisher, but they do not seem to have published any ...

Soft Skull Press

Soft Skull publishes a wide variety of subjects. They are a indy publisher and have published in the areas of politics, erotica, poetry, art, gay, history, music, memoir. Submissions guidelines can be found on their website.

Spilled Candy Books

Spilled Candy Books bills themselves as “for the Spiritual #8221; They do not give a lot of information about the publisher on the site. Contact information is there, and the books they publish. Not much else.

Spinsters Ink

“Spinsters Ink is committed to giving voice to women writers from every walk of life. Our mission is to publish fiction and nonfiction that taps into the hopes, fears, dreams and even secret fantasies of women #8221; Writer’s guidelines are listed on their site.

Spore Press LLC

Magazine Name: Spore Press LLC Website: Editor: Keith Henning Mailing Address: 6916 Incas Drive North Little Rock, AR 72116 Email: Circulation: 24 Submission Guidelines: Approximate Response Time 90 Days Publishes: Every two weeks. Year Founded: 2011 Online Submissions? Yes Online Submissions?1 Yes Information about the press: ...
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Star Cloud Press

“Star Cloud Press, an Imprint of Cloudbank Creations, is a small, independent press committed to publishing poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction of vision and enduring #8221; No unsolicited submissions.
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Strategic Book Publishing (SBP)

"Strategic Book Publishing (SBP) is a member of the Strategic Book Group which has published over 1! 000 authors in the last 24 months in all genres, including children's books. The Strategic Book Group also includes Kindle and ebook Consulting, Writers Services, a Book-To-Film Division, and a global foreign ...

Swan Isle Press

“Swan Isle Press is an independent, not-for-profit, literary publisher dedicated to publishing works of poetry, fiction and nonfiction that inspire and educate while advancing the knowledge and appreciation of literature, art, and culture. Since its inception in 1999, a special interest of the Press is publishing books related to ...