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Black Scat Books

Based in the Bay Area, Black Scat Books is an independent small publisher specializing in eccentric works by artists and writers in the U.S. and Europe. In addition to hardcover and paperback books, we issue limited edition chapbooks in our Absurdist Texts & Documents series. For those who insist on labels, we publish artist's books, Dada, Pataphysics, photography, satire, black humour, avant-garde & experimental fiction. In this deadly digital age with sales of printed books plummeting and independent booksellers biting the dust, our goal is to buck the trend and publish works shunned by an increasingly timid

Serpent?s Tail

"Serpent?s Tail is a renowned British independent book publisher of international fiction and non-fiction, owned by Profile Books Ltd. Now twenty years old, Serpent's Tail was founded with a commitment to publishing voices neglected by…

Signature Editions

Signature Editions
"Signature Editions is a literary press with an eclectic list of quality fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama. Originally named Nuage Editions, the press was formed in Montreal in 1986 as a 16-person publishing collective. The…

Small Beer Press

Small Beer Press publishes non-fiction, short stories, fiction, ebooks, and chapbooks. They take queries. They are also the publishers of Crank magazine. From their chapbook division: Since May of 2000, when we published Kelly Link's…

Soft Skull Press

Soft Skull Press
Soft Skull publishes a wide variety of subjects. They are a indy publisher and have published in the areas of politics, erotica, poetry, art, gay, history, music, memoir. Submissions guidelines can be found on their…