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Centrinian Publishing Ltd

Centrinian is an inde?pendent publisher very new to the lit?erary scene bringing fourth a drive and passion in young adult fiction. We are a publish?ing team that specailises in fun-packed teen stories filled with mystery, magic and history com?piled by authors with that cutting edge in ancient mythol?ogy. We are not lim?ited by genre, but we welcome compelling voices with a fresh vision that reflect the lives of our teen reader

Lekha Publishers

Lekha Publishers
Lekha Publishers and its school of creative writing are committed to developing a generation of children who think outside the book! We do this by showing children how to write from their hearts and by publishing books that deal with familiar children's subjects in a unique way. We publish books that talk about everyday problems that connect with a child's life. For example, if a child is bullied on the playground, we write poems about that experience. If a child loves dinosaurs, we publish a factual book full of pictures and graphics that can make children laugh and smile. We want to see a smile on the child's face through the stories that they read and the stories that they write. We have published 10 adult authors of children's books, 3 books written by children with 2 more upcoming in 2012, and over 1,000 children have been published through our anthologies as well as a number of adults published through anthologies