They are a family and educational publisher. They are the "leading educational publisher of books and digital resources for today’s libraries and schools." Mainly publishing for children and young adults.


They are a family and educational publisher. They are the "leading educational publisher of books and digital resources for today's libraries and schools." Mainly publishing for children and young adults.



Action Publishing

Action Publishing only publishes children's picture books, juvenile fiction, young adult fiction and adult non-fiction


Are currently only looking for children's books with illistrations.

ANTS Hill Publishing House

We provide the most complete and professional publishing services to relatively unknown authors for an affordable price. Right now for a LIMITED TIME ONLY qualified authors get 65% royalties and 100% of all rights on the next book they publish through us.

Black Bed Sheet Books

Publishes hardcover and trade paperback originals and reprints, and ebooks. Publishes 10-15 print titles per year, 10-20 ebook-only titles. Receives 40% of books from first-time authors; 90% from unagented writers. Pays average of 14% royalty on wholesale price for print books, 18%-50% on ebooks.

Bonne Chance Press

Dream a little dream of publishing a book? Dust off that keyboard! Pull out that long forgotten manuscript! Isn't it time to make that dream a reality? Bonne Chance Press is a boutique book publisher and literary marketer.

C Forbes Press

CForbes Press is dedicated to publishing positive uplifting children's stories that are simple in word, yet powerful in the message of God?s love by captivating a child?s imagination through playful imagery.

Centrinian Publishing Ltd

Centrinian is an inde?pendent publisher very new to the lit?erary scene bringing fourth a drive and passion in young adult fiction. We are a publish?ing team that specailises in fun-packed teen stories filled with mystery, magic and history com?piled by authors with that cutting edge in ancient mythol?ogy. We ...

Cottonail Publishing

We are a grassroots publishing company that provides quality services to new authors in a wid! e variety of literary categories, including children, family, illustrated works, young adult, fiction and non-fiction. Our goal is to make the world of publishing accessible to all, and we work hard for every ...

Eagle Book Publishing

Magazine Name: Eagle Book Publishing Website: Editor: Steve Ferin Mailing Address: 2704 Camelot Ave. NW Cedar Rapids, IA 52405 Email: Circulation: Submission Guidelines: Approximate Response Time Publishes: Year Founded: 2004 Online Submissions? Yes Online Submissions?1 Yes Information about the press: What type of submissions you are looking ...

Flame Lily Books Ltd

We are a small publisher and bring out only a few books every year. We want all our books to make very good reads, therefore we spend a lot of our own time, money and effort into bringing a book to life and we would like to enjoy what ...

Grove Creek Publishing

Grove Creek Publishing, LLC is currently acquiring young adult manuscripts for consideration. GCP does not look at any young adult project involving sex, gratuitous violence or foul language. If your work fits these guidelines, send a query letter to: Submissions ( hard copy ) Grove Creek Publishing 1404 West ...

John Hunt Publishing

JOHN HUNT PUBLISHING: OPPORTUNITIES FOR NEW WRITERS JHP imprints cover a wide assortment of genres - in fact, there's probably something here for everyone

Ledge Hill Publishing

At Ledge Hill Publishing, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient. We provide a variety of services including: ...

Lekha Publishers

Lekha Publishers and its school of creative writing are committed to developing a generation of children who think outside the book! We do this by showing children how to write from their hearts and by publishing books that deal with familiar children's subjects in a unique way. We ...