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Precious Gems Publishing

This is a brand new publishing company that was built BY authors FOR authors. Taking the 'branding' idea very seriously, we are looking for writers who have been overlooked by the "Big Six" because of this recession-wary economy. We have gotten together for this venture because we want to make sure that the real 'fantastic fiction' is being given a chance to shine. Combining forces with professional editors (The Write Companion), as well as creative designers and marketing managers, PGP is the new journey to being heard!

Purple Books Publishing

Purple Books Publishing
Purple Books Publishing was founded in 2010 by Dr. Ronni Sanlo, a well established published author, speaker, and academic. Her passion is to publish books that enhance diversity in general and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and ally experiences in particular. The philosophy of Purple Books Publishing is to actively engage our authors as part of the publishing team so that their excellent work and our company are known as one. As a team, we support each other's work in addition to our own, each of us offering writing and marketing support to one another. We're more of a collective than a business but we take the business of publishing quality work very seriously. You - our LGBT and ally readers - deserve it.

The Perseus Books Group

"The Perseus Books Group is an independent company committed to enabling independent publishers to reach their potential whether those publishers are Perseus-owned, joint ventures or owned by third parties. Member publishing programs include Avalon Travel,…

The Places We’ve Been – indie books

Operating since 2012, The Places We?ve Been, LLC, is an independent publisher, dedicated to literary portrayals of the diverse experiences of human existence. The Places We?ve Been: Field Reports from Travelers Under 35 is our inaugural project?and namesake. The purpose of The Places We?ve Been is to work with varied and ambitious new writers to develop and then publish, promote, and distribute unique work.