Chapbook Publishers

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Chapbook publishers present one of the best opportunity for young and emerging writers to get started. They allow you to get your fledgling work out there, and they give a “bump” to many writers who would have to struggle along for a few more years before publishing. They are a tradition in publishing, and we hope they survive for a very long time. In the age of electronic books and fast publishing, chapbook publishers sometimes seem a little superfluous, but they are a very good way to have your work validated by a publisher at a very young stage in a career. This is invaluable for some writers to give them the confidence to continue on with their writing. Please note that you can find a complete and searchable listing of book publishers on EWR: Book Publishers. 

Alabama Poetry Society  C

Anabiosis Press C

Bateau Press  C

Big Bridge Press

Black Lawrence Press  C

Bright Hill Press  C

Burnside Review


Center for Book Arts

Cherry Pie Press

Concrete Wolf  C

Dancing Girl Press


Dream Horse Press

Elixir Press Fishing Line   C

FireWheel Editions  C

Floating Bridge  C

Gertude Press

Greenboat House

Green Tower Press  C

Grey Mare Press

H&H Press 

Ibbetson Street Press

J. Graham Publishing Kulupi  C

Longleaf Press  C

Mainstreet Rag  C

Midwest Writing Center C

New American Press

North Carolina Writers’ Network

Pavement Saw  C

Pecan Grove  C

Poets Corner Press  C

Poetry Society of America  C

Poetry West  C

Porlandia Group

Rain Taxi

Sarabande Books

Shadow Poetry

Sheltering Pines  C

Slapering Hol Press

Slipstream Poetry

Small Garlic Press

Sow’s Ear  C

Tameme Chapbooks

Tinfish Press

Toadlily Press

Ugly Duckling Presse

Wild Honey Press