Poetry Book Publishers

This is our list of poetry book publishers. We hope that it is helpful for those of you who are seeking a publisher for your collection. We know that lists are not the best way, so here is a link to our book publishers site. These site lists 1000s of publishers and it is searchable. If you, like some, insist on a list, here it is.

This list has been updated and corrected! All the publishers here take poetry. We’ve weeded out the dead links and the publishers who “changed their minds” about poetry. We need your help! Please suggest publishers for this list and tell us when links are not working


Anhinga Press http://www.anhinga.org/

Ankh Press http://www.ankhpress.com/

Anvil Press http://www.anvilpresspoetry.com/

Autumn House Press http://www.autumnhouse.org

Avocet Press http://www.avocetpress.com/

Bear Star Press http://www.bearstarpress.com/

Biddle Publishing Company http://www.biddle-audenreed.com/

Big Bridge Press http://www.bigbridge.org/bbpress.htm

Black Dress Press http://www.blackdresspress.com/

Black Lawrence Press http://www.blacklawrencepress.com/

Blacksfaff Press http://www.blackstaffpress.com/

BOA Editions http://www.boaeditions.org/

Carcanet Press http://www.carcanet.co.uk/

Cleveland State University http://www.csuohio.edu/poetrycenter/

Codhill Press http://www.codhill.com/

Comstock Reivew http://www.comstockreview.org/nilescompetition.html C

Copper Canyon Press http://www.coppercanyonpress.org/

Concrete Wolf http://concretewolf.com/current/contest.htm

Cranberry Tree Press http://www.cranberrytreepress.com/

Duration Press http://www.durationpress.com/

Faber & Faber Books http://www.faber.co.uk/

Flambard Press http://www.flambardpress.co.uk/

Floating Bridge Press http://www.scn.org/floatingbridge/

Fremantle Arts Centre Press http://www.facp.iinet.net.au/

Gival Press http://www.givalpress.com/

Gomer Press http://www.gomer.co.uk/

Granary Books http://www.granarybooks.com/ (no unsolicited proposals)

Guild of Blades Publishing Group http://www.guildofblades.com/  (Short Stories)

H&H Press http://www.handhpress.com/

Hanging Loose Press http://www.hangingloosepress.com/

Heyeck Press http://www.heyeckpress.com/

Hidden Brook Press http://www.hiddenbrookpress.com/

HohmPress http://www.hohmpress.com/

In Our Own Words http://www.bbbooks.com/

Interactive Press http://www.ipoz.biz/IP/IP.htm

Katabasis Books http://www.katabasis.co.uk/

Kelsey St. Press http://www.kelseyst.com/

Laughing Fire Press http://www.laughingfire.com/

Mayapple Press http://www.mayapplepress.com/

MiraVista Press http://www.miravista.com/

New Rivers Press http://www.newriverspress.com/

Oak City http://www.oatcity.com/

Oscars Press http://easyweb.easynet.co.uk/pdaniels/oscars.html

Perseus Book Group http://www.perseusbooksgroup.com/

Phoenix Rising Arts Enterprises http://www.phoenixrisingarts.com/

Poetry International http://www.point-editions.com/

Porcupine’s Quill http://www.sentex.net/~pql/

Portals Press http://www.portalspress.com/

Post Pressed http://www.postpressed.com.au/

Pretend Genius Press http://www.pretendgenius.com/

Ronsdale Press http://www.ronsdalepress.com/

Salmon Poetry http://www.salmonpoetry.com/

Shearsman Books http://www.shearsman.com/

Swan Isle Press http://www.swanislepress.com/intro.html

Synergetic Press http://www.synergeticpress.com/

Time Being Books http://www.timebeing.com/

Wave books http://www.wavepoetry.com/

White Pine Press http://www.whitepine.org/

Wings Press http://www.wingspress.com/submission.cfm

Yardbird http://www.yardbird.com/