DIABOLIQUE is the new magazine that explores Gothic horror in film, literature, history and art, to push our understanding of the genre. Diabolique Magazine, (published bimonthly),
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(em): A Review of Text and Image

(?m): A Review of Text and Image is a digital literary magazine. We publish for e-readers, ios/android tablets, and traditional computers. We're open to all kinds of work.
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34thParallel Magazine

We reckon there are more good writers who are undiscovered than soccer moms at Starbucks. Where are all these talented people? One guess: You got it! They're at their day jobs!

A Cafe in Space: The Anais Nin Literary Journal

A Cafe in Space is the only current publication dedicated to diarist/novelist Anais Nin, now in its ninth year. Essays about Nin and her contemporaries, such as Henry Miller, Lawrence, Antonin Artaud, and Lawrence Durrell, by today's top scholars, excerpts from Nin's unpublished diaries and correspondence; poetry, reviews, ...


is an international interactive website for writing and literature, formed by numerous cultural communities and languages. It is a platform where writers around the world publish their works, engage in providing constructive feedback critique oriented towards honing skills in the writing process.

All Rights Reserved

All Rights Reserved publishes works from emerging and established writers and artists. The journal requests submissions twice a year for its spring and fall!

American Athenaeum

American Athenaeum, a cultural magazine supporting the arts, is currently accepting fiction, poetry, and non-fiction for the following themed issues: Japan tribute, Speculative Fiction, Young Adult/Middle Grade, Compassion/Community, Environment/ Endangered Species. (There is also a general issue too). In addition, we are seeking short op-eds for the following regular ...


AndWeWereHungry is an online arts and literary magazine currently in development. We exist to celebrate the short story while also showcasing a mix of prose


Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Order: Coleoptera Infraorder: Bostrichiformia Superfamily: Bostrichoidea Family: Anobiidae Subfamily: Anobiinae Genus: Anobium (?Bookworm,? in other words.) Anobium is literature; a collusion of molecules, fused into a conceptual (w)hole. As a conceptual entity, Anobium is the headbirth of Benjamin van Loon and ?Mary J. ...

Arroyo Literary Review

Arroyo Literary Review is a print-based publication produced annually by students and alumni of California State University, East Bay.

Asylum Ink

The goal of Asylum Ink is to build greater awareness and traffic between the various contributors as well as create an easily digestible anthology for fans. If you are interested in participating, all contributions will be credited to their respective creators, a free ad and links will be provided ...

Beaks of Eagles: A Journal About Men’s Nature

Beaks of Eagles: a journal about man's need and nature "...an it is good for him to know that his needs and nature are no more changed in ten thousand years that the beaks of eagles." Robinson Jeffers, 1937 accepting short stories, essays, poems, interviews that relate to men's ...


Bellesprit magazine is a free online magazine covering topics of healing, spirituality, guidance, divination and the paranormal.

BETA Magazine

From the Lowell Thomas Award-winning Matador Travel Network, the essential new print magazine for the modern world-savvy explorer.

BLACKBERRY: a magazine

BLACKBERRY: a magazine aims to be a premier literary magazine featuring black women writers and artists. Its goal is to expose readers to the diversity of the black woman?s experience and strengthen the black female voice in both

Blue Lake Review

A monthly online literary magazine looking for the best in fiction and poetry, literature that moves readers and makes us want to keep reading. Also considers essays/editorials on relevant issues of current socialconcern.