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AKW Books

AKW Books, an imprint of Kalar/Wade Media, is an independent electronic book (eBook) publisher of novels and pamphlets written by truly talented storytellers and non-fiction works by equally talented experts in various fields. Not a vanity press. AKW is a legitimate book publishing company

i aM first

Categories we're interested in are Romantic fiction, Fantasy, Scifi, Realism, Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Religion or Spirituality, Literary, Historical & Humor. For non-fiction, Essays, Biographical, Mythology, History, Criticism etc. The only caveat is there's no erotica, no swearing, no occult, no gore, really nothing you wouldn't let your niece, nephew or old Gran read but everything else is up to your imagination.

Inkspell Publishing

We're a new digital-first publishing company of romance, YA and fantasy fiction. At Inkspell, our mission is to enchant our readers with spellbinding tales of magical worlds and lovers . Why? Simply because we know there is nothing better than a good book to make the moment worthwhile! And we consider the author the star of the show. Each author creates magic through their words that allows us to enter their magical worlds. At Inkspell Publishing, we ensure that the author is given the right support to build the best story he/she can.

Library Tales

Library Tales Publishing is an emerging entertainment company with a strong and diversified presence in book publishing, media production, merchandising and distribution, as well as digital distribution and a verity of publishing services for authors and self publishers. The Company has built a strong publishing presence since its establishment in early 2010; Library Tales Publishing currently has 35 published books and over 100 upcoming releases in 2011-2012-2013, including such titles as Arje Shaw?s "The Fix", David Friedman?s ?The Thought Exchange", the ?How To Become A Wizard? franchise and "My Life With Ewa". The Library Tales Publishing brand remains synonymous with original, daring, quality entertainment in markets across the nation.

Little Creek Books

In 2005, Mountain Girl Press was formed to receive literary works aboutthe Appalachain Region. In 2007, Little Creek Books was formed to accept a wide variety of genres. In 2012, both brands merged with Jan Carol Publishing, Inc which was formed in 2005 and produces a monthly women's magazine, Voice Magazine for Women.

Moonshine Cove Publishing, LLC

Moonshine Cove is a small independent publisher based in the Appalachian foothills region of South Carolina. We are not a vanity press, subsidy publisher or so-called self-publisher meaning our authors do not pay us anything at all to have their books published. Instead we pay all costs of publishing and distribution and pay our authors royalties based on sales of their books. Moonshine Cove Publishing's only form of income is book sales to the public, not to our authors.

Mythis Books

Mythis Books
Mythis Books is an independent publisher that specializes in paranormal fiction only, although we want to cover anything under the paranormal fiction sun. We offer a lifetime partnership with any writer we take on. We are only publishing electronically for now, but will be publishing in print in the future.