DIABOLIQUE is the new magazine that explores Gothic horror in film, literature, history and art, to push our understanding of the genre. Diabolique Magazine, (published bimonthly),

‘Sea Change’

The 'Sealand Literary Supplement to Life' is the umbrella name for a series of periodically published books and booklets dedicated to contemporary literature. We cater to the needs
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(em): A Review of Text and Image

(?m): A Review of Text and Image is a digital literary magazine. We publish for e-readers, ios/android tablets, and traditional computers. We're open to all kinds of work.
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34thParallel Magazine

We reckon there are more good writers who are undiscovered than soccer moms at Starbucks. Where are all these talented people? One guess: You got it! They're at their day jobs!
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3Elements Review

3Elements Review was founded to spark imagination, to provide a unique creative challenge, and at the very least, to allow writers and artists a bit of fun with our three element prompts.
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We are a fledgling literary "page" at the moment, looking for aspiring/established writers to join the cause. Our website features pieces on music and visual art as well, and we, as a whole, exist to support survivors of violent trauma. We're not necessarily looking for "survivor" stories, but will ...
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69 Flavors of Paranoia

69 Flavors of Paranoia is an online horror and slip-stream fiction publication which is served in the form of a menu, with a different flavor for each. We publish only the

A Little Poetry

A Little Poetry presents contemporary poetry by poets around the world--from famous faces to burgeoning beginners. Check out the journal / e-zine contents page for links to the current issue

A Trunk of Delirium

About the Press Le Pink Elephant Press was founded in 2003 in Kent, Ohio after the deconstruction of Hart's Compass. Le Pink Elephant Press' founder and editor in chief is Suzanne

Aberration Labyrinth

This magazine is about expressing yourself. We do not restrict our publication to the confines of traditional poetry. If you write about drunken nights out, remembered or imagined, we want


Abramelin has been publishing high quality poetry since the summer of 2006. We took 2010 off. Now we have returned with a new format! Instead of yearly or biannual issues, I will be doing monthly updates, often with featured poets. We are switching our focus to just poetry. I ...

After Hours

After Hours is a semi-annual literary magazine publishing poetry, fiction, art, and photography from Chicago


is an international interactive website for writing and literature, formed by numerous cultural communities and languages. It is a platform where writers around the world publish their works, engage in providing constructive feedback critique oriented towards honing skills in the writing process.


Based in San Francisco, Alehouse Press is an independent literary press founded in 2006. Since then, Alehouse Press has published Alehouse, an all-poetry literary


All Genres accepts creative writing from all genres. We believe that good writing can exist in any genre.