Creative Writing Prompts: April and March
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50 Writing Exercises

Here are 50 writing exercises to help you get the juices flowing. Writing sometimes seems to dry up. It is always hard to say why, but inspiration usually comes...
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Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt Generator

Welcome to our official writing prompts page. We have 100s of writing prompts on our site, and this page will give you access to most of the writing prompts...
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Writing Prompts

Oh to be Old Again

You are an old man. Your wife has died. You are sitting on a bench in front of the hospital. A man comes up to you with a gun,...
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Writing Prompts

Continue the Story

We haven't done one of these in a long time. Our Haiku, Horror Story, and 2 Sentence Stories are doing so well, we thought we'd add one more, Continue...
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